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Check out “Sittin’ On Top Of The World”

01 Intro.mp3     
02 Understand Your Man.mp3     
03 Ballad of St. Annes Reel.mp3     
04 Whiskey Before Breakfast.mp3     
05 The Wise Maid-Over the Moor to Maggie-Ships Are Sailing.mp3     
06 Sittin' On Top Of The World.mp3     
07 I Useta Lover.mp3     
08 Jessie James.mp3     
09 Mountain Dew.mp3     
10 Margie's March.mp3     
11 Janie Mac     
12 Brennan on the Moor.mp3     
13 Rocky Top.mp3     
14 Rambles of Spring.mp3     
15 Whiskey in the Jar.mp3     
16 Finnegan's Wake.mp3     
17 Friend of the Devil.mp3     
18 Gone.mp3     
19 Canyon Moonrise.mp3     

20 Oh Hell Yeah!.mp3     
22 Bonus Track- When Freebirds Cry.mp3     


Check out “Gossipers and Liars”

01 The Liar.mp3     
02 As I Roved Out.mp3     
03 Finnigan's Wake.mp3     
04 I'll Fly Away.mp3     
05 Circle Be Unbroken.mp3     
06 The Irish Rover.mp3     
07 Canny Shove Your Granny.mp3     
08 Morrison's Jig.mp3     
09 Let The Train Blow The Whistle.mp3     
10 Some Say The Devil is Dead.mp3     
11 Black Velvet Band.mp3     
12 I'll Tell Me Ma.mp3     
13 Donegal Danny.mp3     
14 I've Got Stripes.mp3     
15 Folsom Prison.mp3     
16 Father Kelly's-John Brennans.mp3     
17 The Mermaid.mp3     
18 Mountain Dew.mp3     
19 Going Down The Road Feeling Bad.mp3     
20 Danny Boy.mp3     


Check out “There & Back Again”

01 As I Roved Out.mp3     
02 Donegal Danny.mp3     
03 Join The British Army.mp3     
04 The Mermaid.mp3     
05 Down in the River to Pray.mp3     
06 The Boys of the Old Brigade.mp3     
07 The Funky Reel Set.mp3     
08 Canny Shove Your Granny.mp3     

09 Mountain Dew.mp3     
10 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.mp3     

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